Assumption - art of handling the uncertainity

Assumption is one basic method of handling the uncertainty. Ideally, person should be working along the Facts. But the truth of human existence is in the limitations of having all the Facts of this world at his disposal. Indeed, we all are composed of two sub-types - Facts and the Beliefs. That is, all the knowledge a person has is constituted of Facts and the Beliefs, combined. Beliefs vary from person to person, whereas facts can only be hidden or revealed , person to person.
      In all this comic-tragedy, assumption is one of our methods to proceed-on in our lives whenever the uncertainty arises. Assumptions have a nature of their own, complex enough to be spared a thought on what are they. In mathematics and other natural sciences we are often trained on how to make an Assumption in order to reach to the solution-finding of a the challenge before us. In Jurisprudence, Assumptions are a must to be prevented in order to reach the balance Judgement. In criminal justice, the tenet of 'presumed innocent until proven guilty' is a very well know adage.
       In navigational skills, we are taught to presume the existence of danger so to decide our course of action, if any time we are in the doubt of existence of the danger. In the Colregs, Rule 7, we are taught about remembering the limitations and the capacities of electronic equipment around us, before making any assumption. Indeed an inappropriately assumed existence of a danger can itself lead us into actual trouble while there could have been no danger if that assumption was not at all made.
       To reduce the occasions of Making Assumption so to proceed-on, it is important that we each learn the basics of Evidencing Laws, improve our self-awareness of differ between the Facts 'you' have, and the 'beliefs' you have. Most people can be seen messing up between the two, more when the larger truth emerging, by working along the Facts, is likely to go against our national, religious or cultural beliefs.
 In political science, we already have a scarcity of decisive Evidencing in order to make our choices. We are compelled to work by means of Indications, the signs and the symptoms. Assumptions are more unavoidable in here.
        In all this, the lesson about assumption is that we each have to train ourselves into the art of making the fairest assumption possible when required to do so, instead of choosing between 'No Assumption' and arbitrarily Assuming.


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