'Save Water' campaigns -- an exoneration from duty, a government created impoverishment

Save Water campaigns are reminiscent of that famous scene from movie Golmaal where Amol Palekar was caught by his would-be boss , late Uttapal Dutt, for why he was wearing short length Kurta.
 Amol gives the wonderfully funny response on how his pita-ji had cultured him to wear short-length Kurta so that every 2 inches clothes saved  would help resolve the clothing crisis of so many poor countrymen of his.
         Put the 'save water' campaigns to analysis. Does 'Save Water' campaigning , has the campaigned helped bring water to so many of thirsty people of our country? Any statistical data on that?  Indeed are we , those who are being asked to do the conservation by small tricks such as closing the tap while you are just brushing the teeth, having enough water, let alone any surplus water, that you should be saving them?
     'Save Water' is a campaign often connected , and seen in sync, with 'save the environment' idea. The purpose of saving the environment is not connected with eradication of poverty. Clean drinking water resources is very limited which makes all of us to demand of our own selves to preserve the clean water resources. Compare this theme with the drought situation in central Maharashtra which, as it is, has been dubbed as another misdoings of its politicians (by diverting the small available resource to their own industrial purposes). The ambition of Economic Liberation as the route to emancipation of mankind from its miseries, is being violated by asking people of Saving Water, when we ourselves are not in good supply of this basic resource.
   Indeed the short supply of water has been worked to act as a political bait to secure votes of citizenry by promising them of water, ( often in conjunction with the promise of electricity supply, which even extends to a free state-sponsored supply). Does the government not need to explain the work of pollution board on cleaning of rivers, sever treatment plants, control of industrial effluents, so to convince the people that these measure, too, have fallen short to secure the water shortages. The quality of portable water, measure taken in that, all need be explained.
   Indeed 'save water' campaign as a solution-finding for drought is a basic preparatory step of immensely corrupt government to revert the solution-finding on to the citizenry itself which is the sufferer of it. The government of our sham democracy sees itself separated and above the people. It perhaps believe that people are not worth any investment as ''the more the government would help, the more they would open their mouth to put their demand''. It is an attitude typical of the olden times feudal lords towards the peasantry.
   And it continues to this date with this so-called democracy.


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