the hate columns

To prepare a article which discusses the wrongs of a prevailing system, I think that the writers should mention clearly and pin-pointedly the events he has witnessed, or knows of to quite a personal level. The macro view is ,then, built using these micro-level incidents, ofcourse taking the precautions about how and where to Generalize the event. A misleading , erroneous Generalization is also loathsome. But , the complimentary (not a contradictory)truth is that- Policies which would be made are meant to affect on Generalized frames, i.e. A larger set of people without much discrimination, - not personalized or particularised frames. Hence, generalization is an act of loathsome necessity, which must be delivered with great caution.
    Those articles which fail on these standards, which commit an extreme generalization , and make extreme conclusions without discussing the proposals of substitution of what it seeks to abolish, are nearly the Hate Articles.


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