Implications of correcting the Social Democracy fallacy on Lokpal institution

Once the dichotomy of an uprising from citizens and from external agents is resolved, this can be used to press upon whether the Prime Minister and the President can be brought within the purview of Lokpal Bill. The one basic contention of the government is that such provisions as corruption investigations against top heads can cause de-stabilization of the government. Lokpal being another government institution, "the fear of abuse of Lokpal Institution" can find a new interpretion in the form of uprising from within, from citizenry group, as against those fears which are from foreign elements.
Presently a non-differential view of any proceeding against the PM in the form of impending threat to the state is where India differs from the US and the western nations ideology (these nations are the ones marked low on corruption), in cases of NarasimhaRao JMM bribery case, the Rajiv Gandhi Bofors case, and now the Manmohan Singh Coal Scam case as against the Bill Clinton proceedings , Nixon Proceeding. The Indian investigation agency has not been fair because it lacked independence from the accused himself.


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