Learning is not about reading the Books; because Books are just the warehouses of the knowledge

It's important to understand in regard to Education,

That that act of acquiring EDUCATION is just not about reading and endlessly reading the books.

What are books , and what role do they play in the context of Acquisition of Education by a person ?

Books are simply the warehouse
They neither manufacture the Knowledge, nor do they put to use the knowledge to produce any gainful thing.
They simply store the knowledge, for an on-ward delivery to someone , who we ignorantly term as the "learner"

This is far from the truth of what is learning.
A learner should ideally be a person who can either create the knowledge, or the who can put the knowledge to any kind of use for a gainful purpose.
A book-learner is no learner at all. He is just a Kaun Banega Coroepati Winner, or a Civil Services Aspirant !! Whose knowledge never comes to any gainful purpose of the society at all.. except the quirky way the society and its system have taken the belief and devised a way to bring personal benefit to such warehoused knowledge to win the KBC lottery or the UPSC Exam ! , By bringing him immense lottery prize money along with the people's reverence to his "great learning " thereby overlooking the fact that he is just a warehouse-keeper .

Learning is not just warehousing , but also the applying to make some meaningful product out of the knowledge.


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