Standardisation brings to end the Politics in the collective decision making work

At one point Devdutt says "swadanusar"..
And scoffs at it that the word explains our culture in shortest, simplest idea ..
I apply the word _Khichadi_ to mean the same.
The different meanings of _Dharma_ is what is the ado over here.
And the comic relief is that the root of different meaning and interpretation of Dharma is a result of that single idea alone - " _*Swadanusar*_ " or the _Khichadi_
Truth is that we as a culture have made almost no efforts to bring about *standardisation*. We have lived with _*Mixing up*_ A _khichadi_ is a terrible mix-up of lots of ingredients. A _swad anusar_ describes lack of *standardisation* , suggesting that each person is free to work as his own choice and can make endless argument to assert the supremacy of his interpretation over the other, instead of finding the _*conversion factor*_ between two different *standards* , which is often a positive result of the efforts of *standardisation*
A mix-up and a lack of standardisation suggest impurity . And ironically the _impurity_ also connotes with the concept of *Syncretism* , that is the bottom line description of our culture .


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