Technology is a dangerous tool in the country of stupids

Techology produces Idiots ...most dangerous types ...The ones who think they are smart, more smart than anyone else around.And that disastrous thought can kill social wellness more cruelly than what the tyrants and autocrats did in olden days.

IIT- Madras has come out with a solution to prevent suicides on the campus - by adding a Spring laden rod system in the Ceiling fans , in all the rooms of the hostel so that anyone attempting to hang by the fans will land up on the Floor

That is how cruel the technology can become. It can make you search for a human problem in the inhuman , material world , thereof making the world and the society behave deaf to the cries of a dying soul.

Remember that it was an IITian who had proposed the idea of AAdhar and its all-pervasive inter-linking , by doing which ,he thought he could succeed in ending all the corruption within the society .
He quietly resigned away as the truth about endless limits of corruption, human Stupidity came upon him. He took time the understand the *Power of Stupidity* and its infinite expanse which no technology can overcome .


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