If the Constitution is being murdered, the fault is within the law code itself

Speak a blunt truth ,

If you feel the Constitution has been choked , then it is not the fault of the killers, but of the Constitution itself !

Think crudely and with honesty to your ownself.
A law , if it fails to protect the people and even itself , the the fault is in the law itself that the writers have not composed it well, perhaps because they were not sufficiently exposed to various fields of human affairs.

Maybe the writers of the Constitution  had good experience of the social discrimination,
BUT insufficient idea of the INDUSTRIAL workplace unfairness and injustice.

They would not know the industrial rules, regulation with the bureaucracy and the government department setups. Therefore the writers failed to produce a law code which may achieve effectively the protection of the citizen class from the evil forces as much as the code failed to protect it's own effective interpretations and the implementation.

They just gave us rough draft LADEN with the property of AMENDABILITY, and then left the entire burden on us to gain from the experiences and choose the right agenda for an amendment.


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