Clericalism destroys Secularism and dominates its way over the society by bringing Stupidity in the Public governance system

Indian Democracy is SANS Secularism  which is why it is not succeeding.
To adopt Secularism, we must identify what is Clericalism from the nature of it. We must understand how the Clericalism works in the Indian society and the (Indian) public services , and what errors it generates which bring failures to our society .
Both, hindu and the Hindutva , they try to encorach upon the rational thinking .  What is rational thinking that they encroach upon ?
Rational thinking is a cause-ascertaining way of analysing the issues and problems around us , and finding their cure or the solution. Whether a suggested /nominated cause of a problem is the appropriate root or not, is best determined by allowing the nomination to pass through various criticism, by the believers as well as the non-believers , the theist and the atheist. You don't dismiss a criticism by disqualifying the critic by character assassinating him, no matter his character has genuine faults or merely the alleged ones.
Also, it is important that once a root has been detected , it is applied for all future occurrence through a Procedural law .  A society must not be exposed to stupidity and idiocy by letting it to detect the root cause on the same matter again and again.
That means, solution once found , must prevail in the society for ever and win by its own right. If the people are being forced to win it out again and again, at every instance of the non-compliance , know it that the society is not truely secular . The clerics (the bureaucracy and the religious heads, both included) dominate their way on the society by making stupidity a way of public governance system.
Clericalism survives, very often, through stupidity and the haughty-ness by challenging the rational thinking to prove its merit on the same matter again and again.
If that is happening in your law courts , be it known that the Secularism is failing .
Once the failure of Secularism happens , the rest of the Democractic Governance laws will automatically fail.


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