Why Truth MUST win and MUST prevail ? What is the environmental cost of the truth being defeated?

Why Truth MUST win and MUST prevail ? What is the environmental cost of the truth being defeated?

They say that the value of Truth is not determined by whether it loses or wins.
But this is incorrect.

some smaller truth may have the tendency to dissolve out in time, but the value of Truth is eventually to be determined by its victory against the False. If it doesn't eventually win, despite a number of defeats against the False, THEN IT IS NOT A TRUTH !! There is definitely going to an environmental cost to the defeat of Truth.

What is the reason?? Did you ever wonder on that??

What is the driving force for Truth which make it a winner in the last, to have the last laugh??
The FORCE OF NATURE ! The environmental cost attached to the defeat of Truth becomes a relevant thought when considered from this angle.

Truth is what is supported by a force OF mother nature. Truth is governed by the how the nature operates. Truth is in a way Scientific, Truth is Natural Justice.
the growth of a blade of grass is a TRUTH which is what Shree Krishna tells Arjun is ''the duty of the grass of grow''. This is that FORCE OF MOTHER NATURE, which has created the DUTY on that blade of grass to continue to grow. The DUTY TO grow upward into the sky. The DUTY TO fall downwards onto the ground, when broken off from the trunk. It is the FORCE OF GRAVITY, which the mother Nature applies TO MAKE it fall , the FORCE OF CAPILARITY  to make it grow.
This is What we study in Pure Sciences. Pure Science are the first TRUTHS which our modern School Education introduces us to.
Scientific laws and theories the easiest Description of certain TRUTHS that we know of.

Therefore, a rocket may for a small fraction of time continue to fly upward by an act of human ingenuity, the rocket may zoom away into the sky and Outer Space, by a force created by Human action , never to return back on earth. BUT the above observation will NEVER change the TRUTH that the FORCE OF GRAVITY ALWAYS acted on the rocket to MAKE it fall onto the earth. The TRUTH did not win for a moment of time, BUT THAT LOSS could not change the very existence of it.
Truth remained and stands the NOT EVERYTHING will fly away into the sky and outer Space like the way that rocket did. Truth will not change that even that rocket may someday get pulled into some other gravitational field of some other object deep in the outer Space.
the TRUTH will eventually become SELF EVIDENT on that rocket too, no matter how far it may TODAY have succeeded in escaping away from it BY AN ARTIFICIAL FORCE CREATED FROM THE HUMAN INGENUITY.
The TRUTH therefore has to come as the EVENTUAL WINNER, no matter what.

Death is the ultimate TRUTH the ancient Sanatan Dharma culture knew of. They called it Sada Shiv.


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