Hypothesis on the Nature of Democratic Politics under Cultural Corruption

What sort of politics should we expect in a country which is marred by Corruption?

Let's try to theorise this :

There are two most irrefutable points about Corruption:
1) Corruption cannot create a win-win situation. There MUST necessarily be atleast one loser somewhere.
2) The losses of the losing side, the winning side will survive by hiding, comouflaging, those behind some kind of stated inter-personal prejudice. This, it will do to keep the society convinced that the losses are not due to Corruption BUT the consequence of prejudiced being played out. Corruption is a societal evil, which if exposed, will cause an overall turmoil. Hence, it is in the interest of the parties indulgent in corruption to keep certain inter-personal prejudices to live on, and give  shadow cover to hide corruption deeds.

The other aspects of Corruption in A Democracy are as follows:
3) A Democratically elected party will enjoy the powers and avail of ill-gotten waelth until the political number of the losing side will progressively increase till the latter reach the count of forming a political majority. Thus, now the latter will come to power. Then, the losses of the hitherto winning side will set rolling. Until the second cycle completes.

4) The society will stand a loser overall. This will happen by occurance of national wealth getting coverted into private wealth of the public elected officials. Price Inflation will come around. The government exchequer will keep losing money which it requires to give social benefits to the apolitical poor, downtrodden groups.

5) Of the two or more political groups, who each are making the ill-gotten wealth while playing out against each other, there will be a competition to acquire monopoly by someone. The businessmen lobbying behind each of the political group will try to monopolize the businesses. This will cause the choices before the consumer to erode and the quality of goods to deteriorate--again, a societal loss overall.

6) Pressure of resources in a society will run high, causing a loss of economic liberty available to the common man. It should eventually lead to a total collapse and destruction of peace and harmony.


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