What's the plan of the minister of surface transport, Mr Gadkari, in regard to the RTO closure??

What's the plan of the minister of surface transport, Mr Gadkari, in regard to the RTO closure??
Are they trying to ''invent'' in India the European model of Driving License Authority by secretly  ''copying it from the west'' like it has happened with entire Administration and the Constitution.
Then what is the motive of seeking the public opinion on this matter?? To score a political brownie to appear to be people-friendly , while yet accusing and taunting the AAP And Kejriwal of doing ''referendum'' all the while !

Conventionally, the administrative systems are not ''invented'' (used in authentic sense, not pseudo sense as previously) BUT they 'Evolve' by corrections , heuristics , trial-and-error. If at all Mr Gadkari is so keen to appear people-friendly genuinely, then he should lay before the people a DRAFT plan of what his administration has chalked out for a new replacement by accounting for the knowledge and experiences gained about the lacunae in the present system.

Why so much Hyprocrisy, drama and obfuscation ??

Further, the problem in the current system of Regional Transport Offices has not just been about Corruption, BUT their flexibility and loophole to allow people to obtain the driving licenses without actually having undergone a training and a test. THE ROAD SAFETY SHOULD BE THE CORE CONCERN, NOT THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY BRIBES ! The effective outcomes of bribes is the number of road accidents India has! The bribery in itself is just an agent to this outcome.
This will mean that entire road construction and design should also see an overhaul, while putting in place some replacement of the RTOs, so that people may prosecute the Road designers or driving Licensing authority if they get involved in an accident for apparently no fault of their own !   
That means, The pits on the Road, the Road signs, the marking will also need an overhaul so that the new system may give a desired SOCIAL result.

But it seems Mr Gadkari is fixated with people having to PAY bribes, OR WORSE, HAVING TO FACE DIFFICULTIES IN PAYING UP THEIR FINES , towards which he believes he is doing a GREAT PUBLIC SERVICE by helping their challans reach directly to their homes !!

IQ , you see.... A BJP man afterall !


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