Sharjeel Islam should NOT be stopped from presenting his views, it is his fundamentally guaranteed freedom -

Sharjeel Islam is B Tech and M Tech from IIT Bombay

Actually he should always be allowed to speak , no matter he talks of breaking India into pieces.

Back in 2009, during my Ship Master course , there was a topic on Piracy and Terrorism which we had to study in our curriculum

Our curriculum is made from, largely,  the study of laws  - LAWS AT SEA.
And Sea area is generally covered by UNITED NATIONS through internationally agreed laws, for the formation of any applicable law.

To deal with acts of terrorism  a sea , there is one law known as the SUA Convention
(Suppression of Unlawful Activity )

In the SUA , we have a question , *what is the internationally agreed definition of Terrorism?*

And the answer we get to read is that THERE IS NONE.
After this, there is long note , we read , as to why there could be no definition.

The long note says that because One MAN'S TERRORIST is ANOTHER MAN'S FREEDOM FIGHTER .

Now , 

There is the trouble .

The topic further says that only the Violence related acts are crime during promulgation of an ideology, holding and opinion or any other political ideology is itself NOT an internationally agreed wrong
THAT includes ANY IDEOLOGY TO BREAK ANY EXISTING COUNTRY today, tomorrow or any day in future ..

People , as the global social contracts allow, have right to REDRAW the borders , that means , BORDERS are not GOD-created; human mind have created them, human mind should have infinite liberties to recreate them,

Many new countries have been formed throughout the century , INCLUDING India --alongside Pakistan and the Bangladesh.
The USSR broke down into 13 pieces of Russian states,

Africa is still fighting for new nations ,

There is even A NO MAN'S LAND in Africa ! Which no one claims

Gibralter and Falkland Island had volunrily chosen to be part of the UK, while bejng geographically close with Spain and Argentina.

Hongkong was part of UK, until it changed hands voluntarily.

What these cases tell us is that , IDEOLOGIES MUST NOT forced on a society - neither by violence , nor by abusively enforcing the Powers of the state related with suppression of seditious conduct.

Use of force MUST be withheld by all the parties -- the state as well as the ideology groups.

Ideologies can have their success only by winning the heart of the people - by convincing the people of bringing properity to them , of fulfilling their dreams.

 We must fight Sharjeel's ideology by competitively presenting our ideology and trying to win hearts of the people through convincing them of our ideology to be SUPERIOR to his .

It is the love of people for some  ideology which  makes a Nation. Ideology has to win the heart of the people, eventually. Hatred don't succeed. 

To deny him his right to speech is IMMORAL way to enforce your ideology over the people. It is bound to give hatred as a result , and a nation of the "rapists" -  a country of people who cannot make the fine intellectual level difference between love-making and sexually assaulting the other person against his will.

Such forceful way is sure to give country of exploitative labour- master relationship, too. Coercive way to succeed one's ideology - whether by the state , or by any other group - will yield a society will be a terrible failure - incompetent to understand the basic permise of the laws - the one power that makes all the man-made laws to work successfully alongside the forces of the laws of Nature  - the FREE CONSENT .


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