Modern man and his knowledge societies

Knowledge-based society is producing its own kind of devils. Knowledge is being collected and being stored by people. The better use they are making use of this knowledge is somewhat like to play a quiz show to make great money. Knowledge is hardly being used to advance human societies, to take one more step forward towards the perfection, to search more values, the change the quality of our living. Knowledge is creating Intelligent people, those who can quickly store and quickly recall the vast pieces of knowledge, nomatter the selectively chosen knowledge or the mutually conflicting knowledge. The intelligent ones recall at their desire when 'prevention is better than the cure', and when they choice, 'the fore-warned is fore-armed'. The intelligent ones cannot do justice as to which to apply when. The intelligent ones are not at peace with themselves due to the immense mutually-conflicting knowledge repoitre they have developed. The intelligent ones are more egoist, more cruel, more inhuman than the older generation ignorant people. Intelligent ones are more oppressive, more dominating, more attacking than the ignorant people of the past. Knowledge without value, without the ability to search justice is very dangerous. It is a commodity unless the keeper of knowledge does not know which locus is the justice. To search the justice one has to continually practise the arguments, to continually look deeper and finer between the things, to know the difference between two values to learn where the overlap would end.


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