Foul play by the media against the AAP

It is hard to understand what the news channels , e.g. TimesNow and NDTV , understand by the term 'Aam Aadmi'.
The perceptions about, and the ethical, moral and the legal understanding of the 'Aam Aadmi' by these big News Editors is beyond my comprehension.
Equality, it is known and has been repeatedly mentioned, that, is about justice, not in the creation.
The Lal Batti culture is a symbolique of the behaviours in which a person demands a separate status, a different Justice. It is not to literally mean a Lal Batti, the red light beacon on the car.
That Arvind wanted two 'big bunglows' is not significant when we compare it with the size of bunglows of the previous chief ministers. Then, how big should be the 'big' to make it to the debate issue of TimesNow is the question. Further, did he not suffer this criticism at that time when the houses were being allowed, and more importantly, DID he not respond to the criticism by changing his choices.

Is his present choice too, too-'big' to make his previous choice reach to the news; so much that the news channels as TimesNow have chosen debate topics which rather aim to do a character assassination.
What houses Kejriwal applied for was supposedly to be conforming in relative comparison with that of his predecessors. And then how he finally adopted after that media scrutiny, eventually tells on his character better.
TimesNow is playing foul.


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