Consumerism in the Asian societies-- a dominant cause of their social decay

Here I see the problem also*(, inter alia) to be rooted in ''Consumerism''. Indian , proper to say the entire Asian people which includes the Indian, Chinese people as well, - have become immensely consumerist in their behavior. By Consumerism I will now define more accurately what I mean--
Someone who has lost his moral intelligence to be able to differ between an idea and the object which symbolizes the idea.

Sometime back I put two facebook entries pertaining to the Consumerism issue. one post related to the Objectives of Mar Exploration Missions set by various counties and the related mindsets, and the other about How the Symbols of an Idea, when they displace the idea itself , they bring down a Dystopian Dysgenics in the entire society.
Consumerism is connected with the increased instances of rapes and other immoral behaviors in that the increased and unabashed display of women in near-nudity and highly sensuous, erotic forms for the purposes of promotion of goods, cinema, artwork, etc has interfered with the natural functioning of a male psychology which by a design of nature gets 'excited' to 'obtain' the women upon getting such sights.
Consumerism's role in the above process is clear and distinct, namely, the commodity of trade depends heavily on one aggressive method to make itself sell. We call that tactics the ''Promotion'' and ''advertising''. This tactics acquires aggression by way of seizing up the thought process of the people who are watching it in their innocence, not mindful/watchful of their vulnerability, - through provocation of sexual feelings, etc. The ''advertisement'' very craftly obscures away this feeling of a 'building-up sexual tension', (which results into the organismic sexual excitement) with some other pious feeling the humans experience, such as the ''contentment'', and ''happiness''.
In other words, ''pleasures'' is made to become the proxy feeling for ''self satisfaction'' and ''happiness'' without letting the self-knowledge come in the way.
The viewers of the 'advertisement'(or cinema, et al) are too much unprepared of this attack happening on their emotional IQ.
Further, in the age of Democratic Governance, while we are not yet prepared of an extensive application of the self-control by all the citizens, therefore the disastrous consequences of the ''pleasure'' provocation of the Consumerist society show up in the form of sex violence on the vulnerability groups.

However, ''Talibanic'', ''Khap'' or ''traditionalist'' the above write-up may sound, I have desired to be as much ''secular'' and scientific in my rationale as I may, with the all the years of Scientific Knowledge and Outlook I have developed.

One significant change we require to achieve in our society is to prevent the displacement of Morality and exactly to say the Conscience, in our neo Democratic world, through the freedom of belief and opinion, to subvert that same belief and opinion.
Happiness is not same as Satisfaction, and neither of the two are same as the Pleasure. But who and which stream of human thought can tell each of the person the knowledge of how to differ between Happiness, Satisfaction and the Pleasure, unless the conscience each person is put into work for his personal absorption of the above knowledge.


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