A true and honest 'Expert' takes care that he does not take control of the people's Conscience who have reposed faith in him

Who is an expert?

Just when a man stops to listen to the inner voice of his heart he starts to become a slave of Someone else's wishes. One of the ways of making a man begin to doubt his inner voice is by way of introducing the ''experts'' in the task. it therefore becomes essential that that a conscitious expert must carry with care his task of delivering his expertise to the service of the people. What is right and what is wrong is left to every man's own judgement because we each have a conscience, an expert should only bring out to the common knowledge those fine points which may affect our judgement of the right and the wrong.
Look at this Delhi JLP Bill issue. It is really a question to our conscience as to what is it we are judging to be ''Unconstitutional''- the freedom and autonomy of an elected government to make its own laws , OR the lapse of not complying with a routine and mundane protocol of seeking a permission before proceeding to make a law?

so much is being spoken about the matter through this invisible, unseen hypothetical person called the ''Constitutional Expert'', is it not virtually affecting the common man to stop believing in his own inner voice; and to discard his conscience in favour of the doubts left to cleared by this ''constitutional experts''.

Can we not judge by ourselves what is ''constitutional'' and what is not?


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