On the propagation of Bhakt mentality in India

How did so much illogical ness spread ?
I often ponder that even while Indian culture is knowledge oriented, --the great vedic culture,- and imbibes so much spirituality in it yet how come we have so significant population of the Bhakt mentality people living amongst us. Because, if we are to have the right knowledge and an awakened conscience truly, the arguments of the Bhakt would not have been so much perverse, the language so much unruly and filled with arrogance.
The unevenness of one's own logic - how could it escape the self-realised mind, i look at them with amazement. How is it that the marketing and advertising tactics work more than the real substance -- i seek to know. What has the spirituality done to our inner thoughts, or rather- what sort of spirituality it was , if at all there was any , that our political discourse is unable to follow up the Good Conscience .

It is as if that the norms of Constitutionality and the Legality can be so casually allowed to look different from the morality and the ethics. That is the the new normal of the Indian society, and i wonder to myself when did we come to this pass.
In the early days of the human civilization, the legality had to necessarily closely follow up the morality and the ethics. Indeed , the Good Conscience was the source of the law that the society followed. In accordance with this thought, i wonder as to how come this self-proclaimed spirituality leadership of the world has not given the Indian system the right legal practise, the ethical behavior and a morally awakened society .

the thousand years of enslavement that our country has suffered is the most plausible and easiest explanation that i come across each time i make such introspection.


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