The role of the Professional Standards in the measurement of Fairplay, and thence in the Justice

This matter should lead us to think about the Professional Standards.
The difference in the two types of reporting, it is NOT ESSENTIAL, is due to the BIAS  and therefore it should be leading  us to call it UNJUSTIFIABLE.
To understand the case , CONSIDER how do we measure out the deaths happening from mob-lynching TO deaths happening from , say, rogue bill hitting by his horns ?
And so, would you think it would be justifiable to describe the deaths of mob-lynching in a as much low tone as the bull-striking .
Or that you would want that the "26/11" kind of terror attack to be spoken in the same tone as Mob-lynching deaths , or the bull-striking?
And so, how , by a mere comparison of the two instances of reporting by a single person, can we determine if the person is being biased ?
Indeed the determination of bias will demand that a statistical analysis, using proper Statistical tools, be adopted to measure as to how many of the reporter from his FRATERNITY see the two reporting in question as 'fairness AT BOTH THE INSTANCES' , versus "UNFAIRNESS at any single instance or both".
And further , the PROFESSIONAL BODY of the Journalist should come out with a measuring technique to INSTANTLY red-flag any reportage which maybe falling off their Determination of the STANDARDS, RATHER THAN letting the READERS to judge the CASE by some vague comparison and calling out on their own.
Though you may find it hard to accept , but it would be a BIAS AND PREJUDICED behaviour of our own IF WE PASS ANY JUDGEMENT by a technique of comparison as suggested in the post above !!!!


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