Train , श्रमिक कानून , नौकरशाही और भारत का समाजवादी प्रजातंत्र


So that’s the way all drivers urinate ? Since no pantry vendors goes into drivers cabin so he should stop train at road side dhabas and eat pakoda chai ?


All Government mantries feel very happy with such events as it gives them the sense of exclusivity, ownership.

Answer 2:

Ideally, if the "chai paida" food of train driver is also an issue ,(or the lack of toilet to go for urinating),  then it becomes "part of duty"(a necessary component, a tool that is required to complete the task) and therefore that should be afforded by the Railways.
That is the way it is done in Shipping industry , and also in the airline industry

The railways must not create condition and force the worker to take such measures as stopping the train to have his food, (or to go for urinating).

Also, another engineering modification that can be considered by loco design engineer to overcome the labour law challenges , is that they adopt "tube" designs for the main trains too, in place of "hook and rod" interconnecting joints .

I am confident this is the global standard of Working Condition.

Except for CHINA , the fuckin* Communists !

On ships , the food is provided by the Company,  Separate Catering crew is maintained to cook the food and serve to the working staff..ships move 24x7x365 , they have no stopover on the oceans to stop by and purchase the food.

And by Income Tax act, it is "part of duty", which is not chargeable under the Income Tax as "form of payment".
The same.logic goes in the airlines.

However , Offices such as  IT , Banks , EtC , this logic does not apply , and so the laws do not treat "mess" as a "part of duty".

This is the Global standards.

Factories Act.

What it now means is that Railways must provide Fridge and other facilties in the loco engine
That means the Engineering design MUST change to accommodate the labour laws necessities.

And in case they are not able to do change the Engineering design , then , necessary stop-overs must be given to the loco drivers , or a a change of work crew must happen, by creating additional train halts !!

I know you are going to feel shocked after reading this. But if you follow the labour standards and Court cases , working styles of western Europe, you will agree.
Except for Russian , Chinese and Indians. These are Communists /Socialists countries , but ironically their labour exploitation is worst !

@Manish Misra bhai, check out Saurabh Upadhyay post on the same matter . More churning his happening on this topic over there.

You might also find hard to believe , but the "capitalist" Europe and Americas have scientific studies on labour issues where they have agreed that in-human work conditions have a Connection with the "operational judgement" of the worker, and that may lead to accidents!

The "Communists" like to think that such acts are unnecessary "luxurious" "blackmailing" by the "worker" and must be crushed away or dismissed instantly , should he try to "get on your nerves".

In Communism , the Bureaucracy becomes the Ruler , and the real does of task become ordinary "worker".

In "Capitalism", the "worker" is the "professional" , the part of owner of the business,
And the "Bureaucracy" is the "Public servant" who has no ownership role in the buisness.

The "Capitalists" become progressive by complying with the laws , including the labour laws.
The "Communists" always remains pitiable and poor , because they always find ways to avoid compliance with the laws, the labour laws in particular, in their "struggle to become rich and developed".

There is the irony.

The Communists have no regards for the conditions of the Worker , and eventually the logics take them to a condition where they have to abandon regards for the live of the ordinary common people too. When accidents happen, no one is held responsible, the accidents keep repeating , and hardly any dignified compensations are paid.

The "Capitalists" have huge regards for labour conditions, and to achieve those they set the technology rolling , the more constructions /Engineering follow-ups come around. They have more human values and better cost for human lives.

Therefore, if an Ethiopean Airlines jet plane crashes away , the makers of the plane , the Boeing, can be sued by any user of it , back in Americas !!

Do you see it now.

The European law courts , therefore , allow deep insights from the scientific and technological realm,
The Communists Court are not competent to handle scientific and technological lines of argument, even as the Lawyers think that such a line of argument will "snatch away from them their bread and better" while the LLB courseware does not teach them any such topics and therefore those lawyers are not prepared to adopt such "road not taken"- lines of arguments.

The Communists country lawyers eventually serve no one ! Not the society in the least ! Not their country either , because they lack inter-disciplinary competency to handle the public matters raising from such an inter-mixing of the disciplines.

The Communism/Socialism is eventually a "fool's paradise" where there is incompetence, bureaucracy the rulers, and workers are line bee-drones, there is no value for human-lives and the humanity ,

The consequent "over population" , while there is already no value of human life, no respect for humanity in their labour laws, no human dignity, the over-population is what they think is the core of their problems!!


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