Logic is only an element of Human Conscience, but not its complete essence

I think that we Indians first need to become honest with our own conscience in order that we may shake off the tags of being the worst Racist, and the Rapist class of citizens.
   The one single lack of ability which has, and which shall always be keeping us a laggard clas of people for many more generation to come is our attitude to deny a certain truth to our conscience.
    Take the example of the Reservation Policy.
How many more generations are our people going to deny the truth to our own souls that Even a nation as advanced and developed as the United States of America could not avoid the need for an Affirmative Action Policy to overcome a social class disparity observable in their society based on the ethnic skin color difference . In their affirmative action policy, even the American College also adopted the Quota System to provide at-par opportunities to their society's oppressed class of people.
   How long are we going to deny to our souls that in our own backyard, this social disparity is seated in the Caste base discrimination.
  The longer we deny a subjective issue, the more long we shall remain prisoners of the false and the untrue. Our conscience will not strengthen. Our choices and decision shall not build trust amongst us. The longer we are likely to remain divided, groups of communities separated by various prejudicial barriers. We shall keep failing ourselves to form a nation, filling this void with the false/political cries of "united we stand,...."


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