Why the US maybe suffering decadence ...

 The tragic point about the American Politics is that the next gen of the immigrants have taken it over, particularly those from South Asia (India in more particular terms), and these people see the US as a priviledged land -- as if built by an act of God, not by the discourse of its philosophers, 

So the next gen of these immigrants want to protect the US from getting spoiled-- BUT from whom? From more of immigration -- because, according to them, the US is suffering because of excess of the immigrants itself, not by some naturally occuring defects in its politics and public administration system, which may have seen modifications and adaptations, those coming from the already accepted influx of the immigrants !

In this way, these nexgen of immigrants want to shift away the blame of spoiling of the US, from their generation, to the generation of immigrants who are the following, and thereof protecting their own generation of the immigrants from being blamed away. 

The big point in this entire melodrama of the politics of the immgrants with their own likes, is that the real causes of the decline of the US's magnanimity are being lost --because no one is making efforts in the right direction to search for the causes of decadence of the US, as everyone, the entire system begins to focus single mindedly, on finding the fault in the immigration system of their country.

It is not to say that the Immigrantion system should not be faulted, even if it deserves to be-- by some genuine original thoughts. BUT, what i wish to say is that there maybe a problem of lacking original thinkers of many assorted fields growing in the US society where the roots of the problem maybe lying. 

A society becomes great, advanced and sophisticated by the work of its philosophers and thinkers who do their work AGENDA-LESSLY. The US is begin to suffer a paucicity of the agenda-less thinkers, methinks. 

The agenda-driven thinker, in a large counts, is the problem, as per me, why the US is suffering decadence. 


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