Misgovernance, Democracy and Indian soldiers and the police constables

16 April 2020 A stitch in time, saves nine.
A timely speech , speaking clearly about the extension or the completion , as reasonable, about the lockdown
Could have saved the people the miseries of life , and also saved the police from the guilt of having to use their hard acquired military forces against the common citizen whose only longing is to succeed to find his way back to home.
The common man longing to return back home is something similar to the soldier standing at the battlefront , craving to get back home.
The migrant worker is BUT  the economy variant of that classical military version whom we have known through our movies and other literature.
It is such a sorrow that the bad style of governance by the political leadedhsip is exposing the foot soldiers of the Economy, aka the migrant workers, to the violent forces received at the hand of the ever obedient attitude of the  police constable who so have long ago abjured their inner divine power of the CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION.  Ever since the British setup the cultural environment within the barracks of the soldiers and the sepoys, so to avoid the formation of the storm of a second sepoy mutiny on the Indian soil,,  after the first sepoy mutiny of 1857, to act mechanically,  avoiding  any use of  Conscience, and to apply violence measure against their own common people , reminiscent of how General Dyer the lone British man used the contigent of Indian men as his soldiers to shoot at the Indian people at the Jalianwala Bagh.
The common Indian man must hold least expectations of a Conscientious Objection from the force unit of Indian people. The plug that the British succeeded in putting over the Conscientious of the soldiers and sepoys through the cultural conditioning remains in place even to this date , and one should never expect that any India sepoys and constable will ever have the courage to throw off the plug in order act genuinely to protect the life and property of the common man.
The soldiers are designed for over 200 years to act only as per the Obedience protocol , not by the CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION . The system and the laws have been put in place , right from the British era days to this date, firmly enough to never let the conscience of the sepoy to act larger than this intense cultural drilling to obey.
The common man, therefore is at the mercy of the bad governance, unable to find his way back to home
And look at who is the one who is stopping him. The very soldier whose pathos and the longing to see his home have been documented so emotionally in the cinema and the literature elsewhere.


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