Why are we so lazy ?

Laziness. we often accuse some of out rivals, their entire community of being Lazy. Like I'd like to say, "Indians are the laziest of all people i know of". So, what is laziness? What is the psychology of laziness? What is the evolutionary origin of Laziness?
  Wikipedia speaks of laziness as "Laziness (also called indolence) is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is often used as a pejorative". Almost all the religions describe as a great sin. In Economics, Laziness is described as the purpose of all our hard work ! if laziness is taking a leisure and break from work, then one of the agenda of every hard working man is to take a great rest from work someday and laze around.

((((((((   quote from the website http://ronnyeo.wordpress.com/2008/08/06/evolutionary-psychology-laziness/   ))))))))))
Our brain induce pleasure in order to motivate us to eat, socialize, copulate,  getting things which are hard-to-get, and etc. And our mind give out negative pleasure when things are not going the right way. We feel lonely and miserable when we do not have companions around, we feel angry when someone insulted us, we feel dejected when the person we like rejected our love and etc.
       Another funny thing about human pleasure and motivation is – there’s a hierarchy. Remember the time when you crave something so badly that you think about it day and night? However once you get it, and after a few days, this craving will slowly fade away and then you will start to crave for something else which is more valuable or hard to get?

Evolution utilizes emotions to guide the survival of life.  Again, it is not by any means perfect at all. Perhaps it is ugly too. But the most important thing is – It Works.

I think the root of laziness also lies somewhere in the cultural narcissism we suffer from . If 'lack of motivation' is the most recognised cause of laziness, then the cause for "lack of motivation" lies in the feudalistic hierarchy system we have, not just in the politics but also in our homes and community. We are nurtured in a way where some narcissist leadership, a head , a person in-charge, is ordering us to do some work against our natural will to do that work or not to do that work. We slowly develop a stone-minded will, we jettison off our freedom of choice and thoughts. Motivation becomes an academic schoolbook pressure to respond to. Emotional Intelligence towards Motivation is decayed such that we neither know how to motivate nor we like to draw inspirations or be motivated from something emotionally enriching.
then begins the world of laziness. we drag our feet through whatever "orders" have been "motivated" to us to execute. the feel and personal reasoning for the task is elusive. it is the avoidance of a confrontation with the "motivator" which propels us to 'do off' the work. 
the one who has himself never felt inspired from someone or something cannot be a good motivator. Our upbringing arranges us to forget off being inspired when you can hardly chase your dream. As a result, we are neither a good motivator nor a good inspired ones. This is a situation we mistake for our communal laziness.


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