My message to Justice Markandey Katju on his use of inappropriate terms for a historical analysis

Markandey Katju  sir, i wish to express my reservation on your using of the terms such as "British Agent" while making an analysis of a historical information. I am of the mind that a literature which contains analytical information should use the terms in their literal sense so to help the reader grasp in a precise sense the outcome of the analysis, instead of getting swayed away by the beliefs and opinions of the writer. Therefore, "british agent" should imply that there was a case of deep penetrated espionage, and not that someone whose actions in the beliefs and opinion of the writer appeared to favour some third party.
     Justice @Markandey Katju , indeed by a figurative use of the term "British Agent" in a presumably dissertation work , YOU become guilty of working out certain political mileage by manipulating the minds of the UNSUSPECTING readers. It can be ssuggested that perhaps you have certain secret affinity with any of those group who thrive on the Gandhi-bashing sentiments, such as the RSS.
     In writing any analysis dissertation, in my opinion, the writer must continuously and genuinely strive to convince his readers of the Neutral Point of View, the NPOV. To this, the writer should avoid provocative, figurative language which may cause emotions connected with the political affiliation to start to flow out.
     Your case is failing on those standards.