Lessons of Secularism from GB Shaw's play "Saint Joan", and risks to Democracy and Secularism, lessons from George Orwell's "1984"

 Some old memories , from the play *Saint Joan * by GB Shaw 

1) what was the the Role of Inquisitor in the trial of Joan?

2) Did Joan receive a fair trial?

3) What happened in the Epilogue ? How is the trial of Joan pronounced now?
Do you still think that Joan received a fair trial ?

गधा in the Context of the present Opposition mean a Stupid person, 

But Same गधा in the Context of the Dear Leader means Hard Working person !

Do you think you are giving a fair trial ? Your views are not pathologically polarised ?
[9/11, 11:00 PM] 

 What is *Blackwhite* style of thinking in George Orwell's play "1984"?

What is a doublespeak ?

[9/11, 11:00 PM] 
 ( You are free to use Google Search )

[9/11, 11:06 PM]  What is the lesson learnt on a necessity to separate the Government institutions from the Religious Service , if you think any, from the play *Saint Joan*

Do you agree that the necessity is applicable universally ?, 

Or, you think that your own religion is worthy of being given exceptions ?
No wrongs have taken place in your faith? Every was always treated fairly and justly by your Religion? 

Is there no cry for justice ―social , economic or political, in the society of the religion you profess?


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