The law is working such that the justice is no more for the agragarians

THe law of this country is nothing but another mechanism to fool the people that there is justice for everyone
The truth is that when Tej Bahadur Yadav complains of the bad food and ill-treatment and private-servant ship of the senior military brass, the law acts such that he is persecuted and relieved from his services.

But when there are eye witness statement of who was driving the vehicle when the poor , home less people , failed by the governance of this country, sleeping over the footpath , died crushed by the wheels, the Justice itself creates a whodunnit from the documented statement of the witnesses as to who was responsible.

The law works such that when a low-represented judge makes a complain of corruption in this country, he suffers imprisonment without having to go impeachment. But the law function such that an other judge accused of corruption cannot be prosecuted because there is no permission from the president or the CJI.
And then, the law works such that a sitting Chief Justice can overthrow all the principles of justice only to apply the local, internal administrative rules so to decide over a case where he himself is implied by the police report.

The whatsapp forwards speak of how the small , handful Jain community has the economic might , which the business class community has made even without reservation. The whatsapp also reports of how economic powerful are the Parsis and the Sikhs. But there is no one to speak of the poor, un represented agragarian communities who earn their meal only by ploughing the fields and sending their children to the defence forces to secure the borders of it. The day the people of these agragarian communities of farmers and small time professionals, fall in conflict with the mighty people, the law rolls over, the lights of justice extinguished and these people are put to persecution, punishment and subjugation. The freedom and the fruits of it are only for the mighty who can make the justice work for them. The poor are only meant to become a farmer and a soldier, or service professional,  and then be made to sing , standing in attention position, the national anthem and to salute the piece of cloth which they are told is the national flag.

The law works such the justice is never with them.


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