The falling accreditation of the official Public Address system

Indian Army 's Twitter handle is being operated to poorly accredited thoughts and Information.
What the Indian Army has reported of as sighting of Yeti's footmarks, the Nepalese Army informs that they are snow bear 's footmarks.
Now we may wonder why this whole where-is-the-Evidence and ' Distrust in our own army institutions' saga is playing in the masses. The accreditation had already fallen, the Yeti thing is just a continued proof of undeserving, haughty command at the controls.
Ideally, it is a wise behaviour to make public the sightings of an unexplained phenomenon so that a large mass churning exercise may begin leading to the explorations. The only big catch is that the language used for reporting the preliminary Information must be able to sufficiently address to the nature of Information (being Pre-investigative) rather than rushing to take the credits of a new finding. This, to ensure that embarrassments don't occur and the public accreditation does not fall.
Lest you become a Punjab Kesari.


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