Indian democracy - on the road to perdition

The fact that the political parties have to plead before the Election Commission, instead of the President of India, to follow the path of logic is testimony to patent defects in the Administrative structure of this country to serve a society desirous of Democractic governance


It is definite that Bureaucracy is that hidden 'sovereign" which is no where mentioned in the promise called as Constitution of India. The Presidency is rather a confusing rank created so to cheat the people as to who is the real holder of the Sovereign, who is capable of exercising his ULTIMATE DISCRETION when a conflict becomes chronically unresolved.

The Election Commission is controlled by the exclusive class of people - the civil Service. That means there is no place in this system for any other class of people of other occupations in this country . We may wonder as to why we call it a Democracy at all !

In the theory of the subject, it was intended that the holder of the Sovereign shall wield his ULTIMATE DISCRETION to overcome all the growing politics around an unresolved issue.
The growing, prolonged politics on any issue is like a deadly disease which can kill any society from inside.
The philosophers of the original idea wanted that to deal with such a circumstances, the Sovereign shall exercise his Power of Discretion. They knew that human environment is filled with so vast gamut of idea and  thoughts that LOGIC may not be the ULTIMATE Source to solve all the dispute, even if it may be the best way.
Unfortunately, that is where we have punched too many holes because we have a system which is copied, that is, there is no ORIGINAL PHILOSOPHER to guide what was the original thought , why and how.

The EVM issue is now a living testimony of that imaginary scenario when the Power of Discretion was the best, quickest way out. Such scenario can also occur during an external agression from an enemy state. We have known and read about "Amrapali" , how King Ajatshatru had annexed the country while the politicians were still debating and arguing among themselves.

Logic has its limitations. Logic is replete with AMBIGUITY. To resolve an Ambiguity is not ergonomic most of the time, due to constraints of time, resources available at hand, the cost factor.

And then the Pressure is to randomly select a path and move along, letting the consequences be in the hands of the Almighty.

India today stands at a point where perhaps our forefathers could NOT be foresightful enough to save us from such a day.
We must take note , and built our capacity to re-find this system right from scratch as and when the opportunity may come.


Imagine the scenario , if only there was a King , who were to apply his POWER OF DISCRETION.
A wrongful exercise of the Power of DISCRETION would have resulted in a CONFRONTATION between the People ( the subjects) and the King. And the outcome of this battle would have been a pure, most unadulterated DEMOCRACY.

But what have we achieved in our Public Administration system in these 70 years - a CONFRONTATION between the People and the People ! Half of them thinking that the EVM rigging is danger, and the other half is claiming that it is just an excuse of the impending defeat .

So, eventually it is People versus People fight .
Who do you think is going to be the real winner of it ??!  The Election Commission, isn't it? -- the body of the Bureaucracy, who is but the descendants from the erstwhile SERVANTS OF THE KING , and the presiding agency in this CONFRONTATION, which was no where there in the thoughts of the makers of Constitution to deal with such scenarios !

If we may rethink the current situation from the thoughts of the original philosophers, then the role that the Election Commission is playing today was not intended to be played by them . It is a people versus People situation, and the very occurrence of it is a sure truth the society is headed for self-destruction.

The original thinkers had perhaps retained the separated Centre of Power so only to save this situation that any Democracy may never have to face.

Our Democracy has arrived that fearful times.

Their appointment, transfer , posting , promotion is what makes the Election Commission an unfit body to play the role that they are playing.


The people are likely to follow in their hearts what the leaders are going to do, no matter what the Election Commission may dictate, and what the next "elected" government may order . This will cause weakening of the government and the society.

We are walking on a path that ends in subjugation of fragmanted societies by external aggressors.

Latin phrase "Rex non potest peccare" , meaning "King can do no wrong", is built on the premise that since the King itself is the judge to decide whether it has done a wrong or not, so eventually it is wiser to assume that the king can do no wrong

The Election Commission is sitting in the role of the King, which is against the choiced design of the system. But this situation has resulted because there is no rank to most satisfactorily fill the vacuum due to absence of the King !
Mr Ronen Sen, and IFS and Indian High Commissioner to the USA had once called the parliament , "a headless chicken ". Unfortunately, today's scenario is reflecting bad on the bureaucracy, that the EC is playing a role that the President, it was originally thought should, have played .

But then , even the Presidency is not designed right to deal with such situation. The power, posting , appointment is what makes the EC unfit . But so does the Presidency, that too, which is coming from a sharp division of vote, instead of a more consensual agreement.



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