Political Class has usurped all the powers in Indian Democracy

yup! thanks for this search, Rajeev Jassal, brother.
Media manipulation is serious problem in India.
Also, it was during this statement times when the Parliament Members shouted about how the Parliament is the supreme body in India above all else ! I made a quest into the actual answer and chanced upon the knowledge that Parliamentary powers can nevver be balanced in a political system as India - which practices DEMOCRACY alongside REPUBLICANISM !!
In its origin, Parliament was a representative of the common man, as what Kejriwal described Parliament to be in relation to Anna, and was designed to balance the powers the sovereign , which is the President( 'president' is someone who preceded the "Residents".Thus, in a true democracy,  Anna Hazaare is a RESIDENT , who become equal to his PRESIDENT by the introduction of one Institution called the Parliament. Parliament is thus only a representative body, and therefore can IT CAN NEVER be ABOVE OR MORE SUPREME than whom it PRESENTS.)

      But in a political system as Republicanism, the truth is that President powers are not merely BALANCED , but actually FULLY USURPED by the PARLIAMENT GUYS , in that they not only appoint him as that President guy comes from within the politicians class mostly(or atleast in the pleasure of the politician class), NOT DIRECTLY FROM THE PEOPLE !!
    the result is that the political party which controls the PARLIAMENT, i.e. the majoritarian party, is the real **owner** of India, and that the POLITICAL CLASS IS THE THE SUPREME LORD OF INDIA, against all other class of people INCLUDING THE COMMON MAN !!
     Hence, Indian Democracy is a SHAM , which is actually about choosing which guy you want as a POLITICIAN, further from whence,  He is the MASTERS AND OWNERS OF this COUNTRY which we call India.

Being Politicians CLASS  , he controls Police , CBI , Military, Presidency , Judiciary, All the executive offices ( aka Ministries) , and so on.

Thus India is in the hands of Political Class, lying enslaved and abused , awaiting a second Independence movement to set her free.


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