Educated people and Modern politics

Success of a government in the dynamics of modern politics is most difficult to judge by stringent objective standards, unless it is clear cut pro-people policial reform which has been long pending.
Countries like India have a big roll of the reforms which are long pending lying in the basement of the government complexes, eating dust. Political parties come and go, without making slightest of move on them and yet they manage to convince the people of having performed. It can happen because the people are themselves what their country needs. The political parties can, then, enjoy the powers turn-by-turn without having to bother themselves.
  Education is a pathway to higher conscience, yet not a guarantee of it. Politicians manage to convince educated lot of their "vision", their "achievements", their "performance" by showcasing fulfillment of certain bureaucratic works to these Educated-but-Conscience-less people.
This becomes the success of a government until the "anti-incumbency wave" washes them over.
In deep, anti-incumbency feeling is that weakness of the people which the political parties which purposefully and habitually deny the pro-people reforms, enjoy. Anti-Incumbency is that weakness of the electorate when they have no where to go; when they are caught between the devil and the deep.
   So that's how the modern Democratic Politics runs, eventually making the choices of the politicians ,the only right.
No one can and no should resist it ,even if you despise this situation because-
- Educated people have made these choices.


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