An illusion called Indian State

Given the present state of affairs, where the Solicitor general has made false statements before the supreme court, the PM and Law Min refusing to resign, it is time we reflect back to take some stock of things..this time with the purpose of personal enhancement , to improve our thinking ability :-
 1) The case of "Hit and Run" : Many people had accused Kejriwal and team of trying "Hit and Run" and not standing up the accusation they were making against some big and powerful people. The phrase has caught up with us like a rhetoric, putting our mind into numbness through 'Good English learning technique'.
            Time we all reflect back, what best results we can get if we are going to try for a conclusive logical outcome of any accusation made against the people in government. Otherwise, you are guilty of doing "hit and run".
 2) The old speeches and statements of MMS : MMS made a lots of statements against the Anna and AK sponsored the Jan Lokpal bill - 'such a law is anti-national', 'national security will put at stake', 'the world is laugh at us, stop making that anti-corruption march', on so many. Is there any further doubt left in us as to who is the King of Thiefs in India and what double-meaning statements were being played out to confuse people of India into deciding their political and Voting stand.
            Lesson to learn is about changing out Language semantics..more than half of politics in India is a foolish people's gameplan being played out because the citizens are either truly , or being given the treatment, of a mentally and linguistically challenged people.
 3) why india is not a country but a personal fiefdom, and we are not citizens but subjects :- Many of us have held it with grudge that nothing can set India right. Today is the times where we have a big time open exposure of what makes it so. Today is the time which will help us set our parameters of hope and desires about the Indian state, as to how much should we expect to set things ok. There were many who knew the ugly truth about India long time before. But there was always a confusion about extreme pessimism and illusional optimism . Today we should be able to decide out how much "degree" will be extreme pessimism and the Illusional optimism.
        With the absence of Right to Recall and Right to Reject, the "subjects" that we are, are left to the solutions of begging the resignations of the guilty people, who have all the tricks in the box to reduce the monumental systemic mistakes, even their personal intended misdoings, into simple mistakes of their subordinates and thereof refuse to resign. Their is no place for moral propriety , no place for ethics, no true sovereign called the citizen.


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