The powers are not properly balanced in India.

AAP is the only political party which is wanting to create a COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT(=free from all forms of political control) INSTITUTION which may help balance all the powers that the politicians in India have already mustered up.

Presently there is NOT A SINGLE independent(=completely free of politicians collective will) institution which India has.

Consider the amount of contraints which every Institution in India has -from the rank fo President of India (appointed by a collegiate of politicians) , to the CAG (eventually chosen by minister who are nothing but politicians), the Election Commission (nominated by minister politician to the president) , the members and chairman of UPSC (ministerial nomination) , the chief justice of Supreme Court (3 out of 5 members are representative of politicians' interest!!)

Compare and Contrast this to the power balancing mechanism exercised in the UK - the monarchy is independent of the Parliament
The US - the Federal Reserve(not the Fedral Reserve Bank) is independent of the controls of Congress, PLUS the president is a direct election.

Where is the power balance in India between the Politicians interest and ...xxxx ??? The powers are not appropriately balanced in India.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore The best way to handle power is by way of BALANCING THE POWERS between two of more entities which are independent of each other.

The politicians employ the means of scaring the people of power going out-of-control just when it comes to creation of any Independent power balancing Institution. The fear of national secuirty, thus, becomes a means to control the people of demanding anything which may make them lose their powers !!
Pakistan ,China have a scope of being used in the interest of the politicians lobby in India, unless the citizens exercise checks and caution on how their governments are working them out.