About Humor of the crooked people

The motive of Humor is not just confined to being intelligent, expressing sweet surrender of human limitation, or relieving oneself of stress. It is also a tool by which one can explore the wrong side of human conduct. One can afford to be insincere, insolent, immoral, filled with vices - all in the guise of being humorous.
That knowledge should caution us about the humor and the circumstances in which it is being displayed. It is this way we have a Good Humor and a Bad Humor.
The crooked thinking people use Humor as a means to affirm to themselves their morality-- of not doing anything wrong. They use humor to escape from the guilt of conscience. Humor of a specific kind : Crooked Jokes, Sarcasm and Taunting , helps them to convince themselves of the morality in their immoral actions.

So, while humor is a key aspect of free and open social conduct, and of  making an appeal to the mind, humor is also a 'sweet sugar coating' inside of which the venom of anti-social and immoral conduct spreads infection from one person to another.


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