A politcal campaign filled with sarcasm, insults and slander

The BJPitch typically indulge in BITCHING out their rivals, the AAPians. Its because the BJPitch are crooked mentality people who do NOT have enough arguments which are moral-some enough to be presented in a public space as Facebook. So the resort to, and characterise their political dialogue with Sarcasm, Taunts and Insults.
Indeed their LS2014 campaign was marked with spending crores in making the spoof videos, insults, crude jokes and slandering of the rivals so to ''win the heart'', that is,  provide a supply to the Narcissist pleasure of their supporters, the BJPitch.   

Sarcasm, taunts, jibe , insults are the weapons of the crooked mentality people. The crooked people keep dual standards of Judgement. They scoff at the educational qualifications of the rivals, and then post those people of their own who have false affidavits to their qualifications ! The crooks point of crime against women and have people of their own who have registered case of violence on women !
There is no way BUT by twisting the Logic to defend such cases. Hence it turns out that Sarcasm is a natural weapon of the Crooks, the masters of logic-benders(twisting). These forms of speech have an inherent ability to turn the table onto the opponent.

Morality is beaten by the BJPitchesby  accusing the rivals of ''riding the moral high horse'', as if to cry that Morality is vice of human civilisation !! That's the class outlook of the BJPitch.

Quite obviously, there was no way the BJPitch would have survived the onslaught of anti-corruption campaigners against the corrupt BUT by, first, letting their Rival-1 to be demolished, and then beating out the anti-corruption campaigners by Sarcasm, Taunt, ridicules and insults.
  Dual standard thus survive and rule the day.


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