Hinduism---Confusion---Chaos ...The India special

It is sad, but it emerges out that modern Hinduism has used Bhagvad Geeta and Ramayan more to confuse out the morality than to explore morality !!
  People are regularly seen raprimanding each other for doing evaluation and Judgement of actions and deeds-"Who are you to judge his/my actions" , INSTEAD OF searching the locus of Morality and Justice using their ancient Scriptures.
     This is likely to lead Hinduism into a religion of eternally confused and immoral people who are never in harmony with each other .Hinduism will be a religion of TRAITORS for the simple reason that people are not in agreement with each other ! and for the reason that there is no common agreement about What is Dharm .
  Morality is the eternal binding force between humans which causes the formation of society. If the morality stands Confused and ambiguous, it will surely cause a confused, chaotic society.
   Despite a repeated use of words such a 'srishti ka kalyaan" , "prakrit ki shakti", a Hindu is unclear about the ultimate aim of Dharm, the purpose of Public Administration, and what should Social Welfare include and exclude.
Amartya Sen has ardently argued about why Democracy is so natural a Political System for the Hindu Majority- for the reason that both Hinduism and the Democracy both allow diverse and diametrically opposite  views to exist at the same time. But the weakness of Indian Democracy and of Hinduism is their inability to Deliver Justice, which in  parallel terms is same as Inability to Decide the Dharma.
   Public welfare is such a vast concept that it will virtually count every deed and the misdeed to be serving the public welfare. Therefore it becomes severely dependent on the Justice to be able to prevent a chaos.
  Modern government, controlled by Corrupt Politicians, are thus exploiting the concept of Public Welfare to their personal gains and the people live eternally confused to decide and Design methods provably objective enough to prevent their exploitations.
  The objectivity is not possible to be explored because the conversation run into accusations and counter-accusation INSTEAD OF exploring those common grounds of agreement where Solutions may come from.
Every political discourse in open space is about a blood boiling riot of accusations and counter accusations.
   There is no end...and  no solution in sight .
Because The confusion begins from the religion !