The inter-religion rivalry in Indian politics, against an absolute lacking of Ethics and Morality in Indian politicians

Believe it or not, the core problem from a philosophical point of view, is that of lacking ethics. Ethics surround themselves around the rise of Conscitiousness wherein a man may decide 'by' himself , and 'for' himself what is right and what is wrong. The first flow of a Conscitiousness is by demonstration of one's own Free-will, and by honouring others free-choice. '

'You have to CHOOSE to accept it'' said the message to Ethan Hunt everytime it came him, in the movie ''Mission Impossible 4''.

 A 'Choice' is the exercise of Free-will, and it is the foundation tenet of all contracts - business or otherwise. India is a rural society and mentality, still suffering from the feudal Narcissism, incapable of progressing a business if the free-will exercises itself to refuse or reject the contract offer. Indians proceed on, as a cultural habit, to apply force - coerce or apply duress into accepting the contract. In their own knowledge and belief , ''there is no way out after rejection and refusal''. Rejection and refusal are acts of ''gross indiscipline'', as a rural Narcissist mentality habitually looks at it.
   It is Free-will which is the soul of all Ethics, the dharma, where a man has conscitiousness to take responsibility of his actions. The vast political structure which evolves from a free-will society is the Freedom society, called by a Democratic society.
   It is a pertinent to point out that our education system is so far designed and also working itself to create a *compliant* person out of us, instead of a *conscitious person*. We are ingrained to become a slave , instead of flowing our inner callings as a Free man. The economic pressure acts to reinforce a slave mentality within us. The government , the laws, the judiciary. The office environment - these all are flooded with the coercion habits of the Narcissist indians. Infact wherever there are Indians , they carry the rural and primitive Narcissism with them. Our political problems, Naxalim and Casteism, duly point toward our psychometric cultural shortcoming.
   Rape , be it of woman, or man, or of the national economy - has all happened within the due knowledge of many human beings present in the circuit. It happened, and it keeps happening again and again. We lack conscience itself, truthfully , and thereby we lack the Ethics, the dharma. the truth is endorsed by the claims of the 'godmen', too, giving statements or doing deeds which are obnoxious to the exercise of Free will. The spirituality of Godmen is a Narcissism of own worship. The idol is a non-living representation of own self, even if it is carved in the appearance of some mythological deity. This is spiritual Narcissism- a worship of ownself.

Our politics today stands a captive of the Communal disharmony between two major religions, but the taller facts which stands out from the series of these dismissal acts of corruption and predatory behavior is that we absolutely lack in ethics and morality.