Censorship habits in Indian Culture

There is a very subtle kind of censorship which we the Indians practise through the title of 'Indian Culture'. This censorship is on some matter; matter which is something neither derogatory, nor abusive, nor sexually offensive, might not be offending to the religion per se, nor a threat to the establishment of community, society and a nation. It is about acceptance of the 'Power that be', a submission to that Realpolitik powers which govern our day today actions, and which don't let our lives change the way we want.
    We don't describe this power in our words and speeches, but we do complain when this power is offended. It is a secretive power the threads of are sown in us by our Education System when the education inculcates in us a Compliance attitude, instead of the cultivation of a consciousness. We raise the alarm of 'feelings hurt' when the threads of this power existing in us in the form of our beliefs, meet the force of reason. We are emotional people , born and brought up each in our own make-believe world. When the situation comes to discover the Reason so to settle the disputes between two different sets of beliefs of two people, the forces of Reason 'hurt the feelings' of either one's belief or maybe of both. We censor away that reason, beat it with our taunts and sarcasm, boycott it, orchestrat it, fade it out in our cultural logical fallacies, we do everything in our capacity to destroy the voice of Reason. Religious beliefs often give us the most convenient tool to hush that voice. Religious Beliefs -that's how, the history records, voices of Reason have been silenced by acts of emotions, the feelings. That's what we called the Heresy and the Blasphemy. India still practises it in its culture, though our British-copied constitution has outlawed the Heresy and the Blasphemy.
        It is this which is the cause of our unequal justice, our social chaos. We are united people, not by uniformity of our beliefs and opinions but by our vested interests, commercial gains through our Movie Stars and our Cricket Stars.
    We uphold that everyone has a right to his beliefs and opinion. But actually we misapply this axiom, only to destroy the discovery of Reason, the rise of a true unity amongst us. Just when the reason forces on us to accept the Validity of certain belief, we disintegrate away calling that 'everyone has a right to his opinions and beliefs'. We reject the reason and rationalism coming with it.!
   And then we fill up the vacuum of binding adhesive for our National Integration by introducing the elements of vested interests - the cricket and the movie stars.


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