How do you read (make sense of) the news of 'Desh Shanti' affairs?

How do you read (make sense) of the news of 'Desh Shanti' affairs? 

 An oil slick was discovered in the Persian Gulf region, about 10 miles long. A 'MARPOL' special area where oil discharge is completely prohibited via the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) law, accepted and ratified by all the member nations of the world, the local authorities in the region would surely take concern of this oil slick. Iran, being one of the concerned nations, would be very much lawful to take up the investigations, no matter the oil slick is in territorial waters , or the contiguous zones ( the in-physical-contact areas to one's territory). The Iranian authorities would , as a matter of fact, send out messages to all the ships in the area to 'confirm if they have suffered any oil leakages'.
    There begins the 'low mental ability in the matters of law' situation. The language of message, the legal verbose, would be a standard 'threatening' language reminding the receiving ships of the legal consequences of the pollutions , if they have done any. The local navigational observing ports would do the maths calculations to approximately find out which all ships would likely have traversed the geographical position where oil slick would have occurred. 'Desh Shanti' might have emerged as one of the possible suspects, among many other vessel. A special message might have come up to 'Desh Shanti'.
     Now, try imagining the reactions of Indian crew to such a message. Remember the movie 'Special 26', where the bunch of 'fake CBI' was looting the rich people, purely on the basis of reaction people show to the mere name of 'Police'.
    To a general and an otherwise ordinary enquiry coming from the Iranian authorities, the master and crew of 'Desh Shanti', out of his own fears ( the fear actually stemming from the low mental ability in the matters of laws') would have 'frozen' into refusing to give anything in writing.
   This action of refusal, on the other side, would strengthen the seed of suspicion of Iranian authorities, so to detain the vessel after hauling the vessel out from International waters.
   The indian news media, at the far side, which is as it is lacking understanding and knowledge on almost all technical matters, would turn the issue into a diplomacy and international affairs between Iran and India. A 'Peepli Live' will start in the news media.
    The involved authorities will be forced to take a stand with respect to the 'news media theory', although in the broader perspective this action of taking stand by all the concerned authorities will run the risk of the standpoint being played out against the actual, sincere investigations of the 'Desh Shanti' affairs.
   The otherwise simple, innocence and sincere work will dissolve out into a larger India-Iran relationship and greater consequences might follow, much to the revenue gains of the media. A physical crime, which can be detected by use of forensic science will become a political issue, decided by means of popularity support.
     This is how it works. The 'lack of mental ability' (i am deliberately separating Intellectualism from 'mental ability' ) leads to such events in the nation of 'stupids'.


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