our 'collective stupidity' in the house of 'collective wisdom'

What exactly are we fighting up against? We have called it , first, the illiteracy, then ignorance, then lack of education, then lack of knowledge about the Common Law.
 But the truth is that the problem is much more in the core. It is the lack of mental aptitude (aka Stupidity). We feel it, yet we are not able to know it. Our world, and our governments are working astonishingly mistaken in this regard. They are introducing more laws, in a deep thought, only to fight away what is truely 'the lack of mental aptitude in the matters of law'( aka Stupidity).
  Our laws are simply gaining on the weight, a kind of belly fat, whereas the health of our society is continuously deteriorating. The laws are not working because the implementations are not rigorous. Infact , they are often finding meanings and interpretations so twisted and contrary to their purposes, that they are effectly being made to work just opposite to the cause. The Complaint Books in the public offices have become a one more step to take us AWAY from the Justice, and grievance redressal, instead of bringing us closer to it.! Infact, the very existence of the Complaint Books has created the logic for the higher tables to beat the Designated System of operations, only to claim rescue from the fact that, ''do as one feel like, if anyone is affected by your action, let him put a complain in the Complaint Book. Then We shall automatically come to know that we are not complying with the Designated System''. The Complaint Books are being used as a complete replacements to the Designated Systems instead of complimenting away what the systems could not have otherwise fulfilled. We are living in a world of stupidity.

 Our 'collective Stupidity' is so much apparent in our conduct that it almost hides itself away as our Confidence in our selves and our believes. It is that political incorrectness which we cannot speak to each other, we hesitate and therefore we fail to discover it to be there in ourselves. It pervades as a NPD, our ignoramity, and our incompetence.