Mental ability problems -Versus - Personality Disorder problems

How are Mental Ability problems different from the Personality Disorder problems?

Consider a case, wherein an imaginary person named Mr Lallo is asked a question "If, on a bench, Ramesh is sitting next to Mohan, Mohan is on the left of Shyam, and Rajesh is on the right of Mohan , what is the position of each person sitting on the bench? "
What if Mr Lallo answers this question with arrogance, " What is this non-sense. you are not telling in the question who is sitting where then how can I tell you? You should only know who is sitting where. Don't ask me. I am not here to answer to these silly questions of yours. The question is incomplete. It does not mention who is sitting where , so how can I answer that!."

 Consider the complete situation above and then reason out for yourself,--What in your good opinion is the actual problem? Is this a problem of Arrogance (a personality disorder issue) or a problem of lacking Mental Ability? Or, the arrogance has become a mask to hide away the core problem? Is it merely a case of anger being displayed by Mr Lallo ( again, a mood/behaviour problem).

 Anyway, Mental ability is the Natural ability of human mind , gifted by birth, to reason out things to find a answer to the question which are not directly answered . Personality disorder is the challenge of human mind to be not able to control his general temperament , and to be not able to conduct itself as per how other 'normal' people would do. In science, the branch or subject in which the Mental problems are studied and worked is Neuroscience, whereas the branch or subject where mood and personality are studied are called Psychology and Psychometry. Two different words have been brought into use to refer to the two different objects of their study- "the Brain" , and "the Mind". In Neuroscience, the scientist and doctors study about 'the brain', whereas in Psychology, the scientist and the doctors study about 'the mind'.

 Most times, the people suffering from mental problems also have lots of personality disorder problems in them. But it is not necessary to see people having personality disorder problems to have mental ability problems too. In personality disorder issues, if the challenge of mental ability (the ability to think logically and to be able to reason) is burnt off, it is only a momentary aspect, wherein once the rage of hyper personality (disorder) is passed off in time, the person returns to his normal self and is able to work along a standard mental ability. In such case, just keeping quiet for time being hlps as a good remedy to the problem of evaporated mental ability. But in a mental ability aspect, working with the personal will be difficult anyday, anytime. However, such persons get recognised by the society much quickly. The challenge truely is of detecting the 'personality disorder' people in our society.

In the Narcissist personality disorder problems, people become lacking in mental abilities in their rage of NPD. Then the logical fallacies begin to follow and completely opposite solutions are obtained to the ones which were desired. the effect of the solutions is also revered to work the opposite way. These Personality disorder problems are one possible root cause for why the "Ganges appears to flow the opposite way", in normal course of decisions and actions. The PD problems become the igniting source for the MA problems suffered in the decision-making.