the vicious circle of a (paid) 'good review' --> Hit movie-->more good review as the movie becomes pecuniary success.

 The fate of a Friday release in Bollywood is not determined by the 'star' ratings given by critics or internet bloggers. It depends on the number of people who buy a ticket and watch the movie. If we had gone by critic ratings, Sholay and Deewar would have been flops.... Fortunately, Box Office collections and Election results are determined by the Aam Janta. Not by arm chair critics in the media!

there is a catch of vicious circle in this. The Star rating acts to propel the people to buy those tickets. Hence there is a Kind of Self-fulfilling prophesy Tactics involved in this. One way of breaking this vicious circle is writing the 'true' review of the cinema while NOT ASKING people to NOT TO BUY tickets, because until they watch those cinema whose 'True' review you would write, people would not trust your review. people will be slowly induced to accept your views provided you win their trust. SAME WAY, DO NOT ask people to not to vote for Congress, but yes, do expose the bad and illegal activites of COngress and BJP alike.

Well said Shyam. Irrespective of star power and big budgets SRK films like RaOne & Rajni films like Baba have failed. When you tell someone "Dont vote XYZ" - that's negative campaigning. Negative campaigning gathers the sound bites. But parties that indulge in positive campaigning tend to do well in the long run.