Anarchy is all about abolishing Hierarchy

"Anarchy is all about abolishing Hierarchy" . -- Shazia Illmi , Aam Aadmi Party

Incompetency takes refuge behind hierarchy. Hierarchy is the organisational role which emerges by itself as an organisations develops and blossoms. People settle down in their roles and the mutual relationship develops. But what happens when new people arrive to replace the aging batch ? There is a time when each new person has to 'settle down', that is to say, to know and assume his role. Here the new batch does not have to carve the role for itself, for that was already done by his predecessor. He needs to KNOW that already carved role and assume it away on himself.
There is the new issue. What happens when a person inferior competency assumes the role where a person of superior competency rests below him? That is Anarchy. Advocacy of Hierarchy is the way by which an organisation achieves another very subtle kind of peace and harmony. It is a peace of hushed-up questioning, of murmuring and whispering disgruntles. Often the assumed way of meeting an inferior-competency-at- higher-position is by way of keeping silent in wait of a rank promotion. But when the junior comes with the tag of freedom-of-expression, he becomes noisy and uncontrolled. He creates anarchy. He disturbs the hierarchy by way of intense questioning, arguments and dis-compliance. This is insubordination and disobedience in an apparent view of the state of affairs.
   One paradoxical question is that people cannot be expected to know everything. Then, in the light of this universal truth, what is Competence ? How do we judge the inferior competence and the superior competence ? Does a mere ignorance of something amount to Incompetence?
  Indeed there is no answer to this question. But what can answered and what is the most agreeable answer to this question which should be in the minimal expected to be aware, conscientiously adopted by people as they rise in their ranks is that -- There is a set process of finding the truth, which is by way of the freedom of expression. What is right and what is wrong is definitely not known. But it is the process of reaching to the rights and wrongs which is surely known. The process is expected to be by mutual discussions and debates. Hierarchy can work good for an organisation only when it is competent to the extent that it has this self-awareness about the rights and the wrongs. In the other case, hierarchy is all about suppressing voices, dis-pleasures, mistakes and building secrecy walls around own wrongs.

  From the above discussions, it may be proposed that Incompetency is a complex behavioural situation emerging from ignorance, unawareness coupled with absence of mechanism to search the truth, suppression of free speech, and suppression of  dissent from fellow workers.