A tragedy on the humanity

The Reserve Bank museum at Mumbai details out how the money came around in human society. The story of advent of money continued further on the sociological track thus:
 One big problem that came around with the invention of money was that things started to become commodities. Things started to come for 'sale' , while a consensus was reached that not everything could be up on 'sale' . therefore debates began to flourish what should be and what should not be for sale. Could human emotions be up for sale? human kindness? mother's love? ..so many. The risk was definitely known about what would happen if all these things also went up on sale. There would a total decay of human values.
         One challenge fortunately, however, kept the situation under control about the sale of humanity, kindness, love, emotions and all that which make life beautiful. But not for long. the 20th century evolved the science and art of sale of human emotions. The Advertising Industry, the Entertainment Industry, and very recently the vote-bank politics. These industries exploit human emotions to make their gains. It is all the more difficult to know what is fake and what is genuine when human emotions have the capacity to put the adjacent human through the same pain. Well, that is the definition of being human..the ability to empathise..the pains, the joys, the sorrows.
      These are some industries which have exploited the quality of empathy; they have enchashed human emotions at the cost of choking the most basic ones, simply because those emotions are not 'entertainment' types. there are laughter challenge shows, but there cannot be "let's share the sorrow" because not everyone would like to undergo sorrow and trauma of fellow human.
Amongst all this, the least that a genuinely sympathising person or organisation can do is to adopt quiet, non-aggressive actions, so to avoid putting fellow humans in dilemma of being original or being "yet one more exploitative".
 Aam Aadmi Party: you must avoid exploitation of a tragedy on the humanity itself to make your political gains. Your 'topi' can be justified, but your aggressive postings on the FB may not be. Be damp and silent, in respect , in mourning.