Stop-work Industrial culture and Clerk-led bureaucracy

A _*Stop Work Obligation*_ cannot co-exist with the *_Refused to Obey Orders_*

What it means is that if the superior is more of a Discipline-psychopathic person, then every event where a shipboard personnel has acted his power to call STOP_WORK because he felt something was unsafe, the superior Disciplinarian-person will rather see the act of STOP-WORK as a REFUSAL to obey orders.

He will then relay the message to the management, and his immediate seniors, that an act of INDISCIPLINE has occurred from that person.

So, here is the dilemna of an organization, where the officer staff, largely of *Clerk* set-up, not much familiar with the Industrial practices. It will rather go after the person who had acted his good judgment to save the loss of his own life, or maybe the property of the organization, or of someone else.


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