Democractic Systems and mental health issues of leadership

One peculiar threat that looms on a Democracy comes from the unfamiliar department of Psychiatry.

People who have anti-Social and aggressive , dominating temperament are better at rising in certain  roles of leadership
 The trouble is that they are by nature itself anti-democractic, and they can exploit the easy climb of Secular Humanism to reach on top, and then destroy the very ladder by which they had climbed to top.

Such people, who have aggressive dominating temperament, are poor at understanding the Rights of people - Constitutional , legal and human . Infact this very trait is what brings them the success to reach to role of leadership.
 But can imagine the havoc they bring to the organisation and the society once they come to top ? They kill their own gurus and choke up the freedoms of the country, while remaining in denial about the consequences of their decisions

Impeachment of the POTUS is a telling tale. He lies through his teeth, had a conduct unbecoming of a President, indulged various misdemeanor, instigated though his speech his followers and his rivals alike.

Mental health, as we can see, is just not about sound mind, but also the good , healthy psychology. The problem is that since the psychological aspect remains immeasurable, therefore a big gap is created from where people of psychopathic temperament find room to succeed in a democracy and then to undermine the very system that gave them their success.


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