The Unscientifically decided penalties under the Motor Vehicle Act

There are a few questions regarding Dinesh Madan episode, the man who has trended on the social media since 03rd Sep after getting a driving ticket amounting to ₹23000,  thereby becoming the first of the famous culprit under the new Motor Vehicle Act
Many people are justifying the amendment arguing the righteousness of the police action, judging from the number of offences and the nature of offences he had committed.
However, here are the questions :-
Q1) What made him getting caught for so many of the offences , which apparently he must have been doing since ages, only after the Fine amount has increased ? Is the commissioning of offense new, or the catching of the culprit the new-found incident which could happen only as the apathetic police has found a new zing since the fine amount has zoomed up ?
Q2) Now , what will guarantee that "the most unavoidable, most honored" *the police discretion* will not come in way of catching all such offenders , and not letting anyone slip away by paying up a handsome bribe ? In short, what is the guarantee against non-occurence of the police apathy a second time ?
Q3) how to ascertain that it is rather not the police enthusiasm which has caught Mr Dinesh Madam, but purely his faults ? Maybe, after some time, the police will become easy and slack as the way they were earlier . And then, the grand objective of achieving road safety will fall flat , once more .
Q4) Can anyone list What fines and penalties were there against the errant police cops for letting slip away offenders as Mr Dinesh Madan, if the fine amount were kept low ?
Q5) What fines and penalties are there against errant police men now, for abusively applying their police discretion to slip away any offenders today ?
Q6) What fines and penalties, *if any* , against the trainers and instructors of the driving-license authority and for giving improper or insufficient training/lessoning on traffic handling situations and rules ? Mind it, the biggest cause of accident is *indisciplined driving* .
Q7) What fines and penalties exist, *if any* , against the Road designers and the maintenance authorities for keeping the roads in improper and unworthy conditions ?
Q8) What measures exist against driver's fatigue , state of mind and body, factors which are contributing towards prevention of accidents on the highways, and those  which are occurring peculiarly in the wee hours of the day ?
Q9) What measures exist against the bad upkeep/maintenance of the driver's cockpit in the heavy vehicles , such as trucks and passenger buses, which conditions and the lack of amenities and the gadgetry makes them more liable to doing accidents?
Q10) Is the new fine and penalty amount *Scientifically Rationaled* ?
There is a thing about the Scientific Management techniques and the above set of questions because those questions show up, in a governmental action , whether the government actions have been *scientifically reasoned* or have been *arbitrarily decided*, merely to catch the news headlines and fill the coffers with public money ?
The arbitrarily decided actions eventually fail to achieve their objectives. And what else would be the measure of the achievement than the huge tally of the road accident that India suffers annually on its roads .


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