Why there is no SANTA CLAUS in Catholic Christianity ?

Notice that Santa Clauz is a typical invent of the Protestant Christianity, and not Catholic .
Santa Clauz comes in England, Norway, Denmark and these Protestant nations, but not in Vetican, the country of Pope.

Since Protestant see a direct communion between Man and God, therefore, they don't like or promote any Church based diktat to regulate the life of common man. Therefore, the saints of the fold of Protestant also have easy, happy-go-lucky nature, who can sing around, and make merry, and go around distributing gifts as a pleasant surprise for children and adults alike. This behavior is unlike the saints of Catholic fold, where a saint is a high figure, sombre, revered, strict-looking, serious person, does not joke around, and who will never 'indulge' in merry-making, or even singing and galloping. Perceivably because he needs to put such demeanour by which he may regulate the conduct and behavior of common man every now and then.
Saint Nicholus has transformed into Santa Claus in Protestanism , not in Catholism.


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