Who are the Sacramentalist, and how they pose threats to existence of Democracies ?

Who is a Sacramentalist ?
A Sacramentalist is a person who thinks that there should be atleast one object, or a practise, or an institution who must be accepted by every one without any scrutiny and cross examination.
As the age of sciences dawned upon the humanity, Man had began to ask questions into everything, and eventually started a culture of disbelief of the older practises. To doubt, to be skeptical is only being scientific, for them.
However, this excessive scientific-ness lead to a fall of the order that was prevailing within the society. The ones who were previously the keepers of the order within the society saw this fall of the order as nothing but a disorder, a chaos in the country unto itself.  The former keepers of the orders observed that the new-age questioners had excessive, and perhaps endless cycle of questions and scrutiny, and therefore not easy to be tamed. And untamed person, for them, was a stray element, a loose canon, a free radical who is likely to cause a cause a total breakdown in the system, because he anyway didn't have answers to all the questions , and yet made many people skeptical to the already prevailing beliefs, which, these people thought were necessary for keeping the order within the society.
These people therefore held that although being scientific was not wrong, but to overcome the aspect of the endless scrutiny and questioning every person, however scientific he may be, must have something to hold with a blind faith, to only to help keep the order within the society. This could be some object, some act, or some institution . Such people came to be known as the Sacramentalists.
The Sacramentalists are the exact opposite of the Secularists in conceptual terms. Sacramentalists are like the age old clergymen who want obedience without scrutiny, and God is just a mechanism to obtain that. But God need not necessarily be that mechanism, as any other sacrament can also be helpful to their purpose if the people can give that sacrament the same respect and honour.
Sacramentalist themselves do not hotly follow the scientific lines of enquiry in every question, and prefer the traditional fedualistic decision-making methods. They are therefore authoritarian in their management style.
How do the Sacramentalists pose threats to democracies ?
Democracies have the risk of winding themselves back if the Scientific researches are not sufficiently followed. And Sacramentalists are ones who will usurp away them away, in case the scientific rationals is not hotly pursued in democracies.

We come to a lesson, learnt from what is happening in Turkey and back home in India . That is, --
        -- Democracies cannot succeed without secularism and scientific researches, for the fear that excessive questioning have the potential to bring breakdown of the order and cause a chaos within the society. Therefore , a scientific research in every enquiry must happen in order to find the new, proven rational , which can to applied or even enforced homogeneously in order to keep the order within the society. The scientific rational must stand to the evidence laws and other values that a Democracy is suppose to bear. That is, scientific rational , for it to be applied or enforced upon the people all over, must be robust enough and overcome the challenges of discrimination, favouritism, bias, and other social ill, that every person may agree to its objectiveness.


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