Deserving or Not deserving the Parliamentary Immunity

Can you name of the AAP MLAs or the Office Bearers who have Criminal Records, a police Chargesheet , etc on the condition that such record has not risen out of Political Protest or Demonstration.

The Administrative Theory upholds that person WHO HAS BEEN CHARGESHEETED should be taken off from those posts where he may influence the investigation, and the evidences.
   AND OFCOURSE, the entire idea has the delimitation to excluding those Chargesheeted on Political Protests and Demostrations. That means that Civil Society should also help to provide PARLIMENTARY IMMUNITY to those "criminally chargedsheeted" people whose crimes have risen in course of protest against the suppressive policies of the government of the day.
    AAP has so far not given ticket to anyone who is CHARGESHEETED while not being worthy of PARLIAMENTARY IMMUNITY by the Civil Society's Standards. There is NONE.

As far as I know
****ALL other parties have CRIMINAL historysheeted people, NOT WORTHY OF PARLIAMENTARY IMMUNITY by any Civil Society Standards.****


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